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We manufacture 20 liter jar, 1 liter bottle and 1/2 liter bottle. You can make Himalayan spring Water a part of your healthy lifestyle very easily. Contact us to discuss your drinking water needs. Just give us a call or make Online Order we will be at your doorstep in no time. We shall supply it to your household, office or godown delivred free of cost as per your requirement. We are Dedicated to offering our customers the serice they need to make drinking water more convenient and economical.

Himalayan Spring comes in 20 liter jars, one liter bottles and half liter bottles. At present we have three extensions under the brand name. We are dedicated to offering customers the services they need. We sell the 20 litres jar for Rs 80 and the other two bottles for 15 and 12 rupees each.
Himalayan Spring Water Incorporated.G.P.O. Box:1514, Chalnakhel, Kathmandu, For Trade Inquiry:2052347, 2052349
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