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                                                HIMALAYAN Spring sprung up a year back when a group of health conscious people thought about the health hazards people face due to impure water. “Shortage of water in Kathmandu is not new.Even if there is a supply of water, it comes through age-old pipes, which are rusted and full of tiny holes. This leads to the mixing of sewerage in water and contamination. So people end up drinking impure water,”. To provide better quality water to people and create a strong platform in the mineral water segment we introduced a new brand water Himalayan Spring. A year ago. Since other bands of water have not been able to dominate the market we wanted to create a niche for ourselves by providing the best quality water.”

                                              The company is already aiming for the sky. We have brought in the latest American equipment(osmosis plant) at our plant to provide the best taste and quality. With the 4,000 liters of water per hour we are quite happy with our initial performance.

                                               We would like to say that “The name Himalayan Spring is itself a feeling of freshness. To live up to its name the plant is situated near the mountain spring after the dense forest of the Chandragiri range of mountains at Chalnakhel”,

                                               At last we would  like to say that, “At Himalayan Spring purity and safety of drinking water is guaranteed as we are away from urban areas thereby lessening the possibility of water contamination. We want to export the water abroad and name Himalayan Spring conjures the image of a mountain spring, which would help us in the international market.